Tips to Choose Wisely Between A Body Transformation Program And A Gym Membership

Due to the enhanced consumer knowledge about health and fitness there are a lot of options when you decide that you have to get fit.

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There are gyms and then are good body transformation programs; arguably the two most popular ways of getting fit faster. A Body Transformation Program is an intense workout centre modeled on the interval training mode which is heavily geared towards super fast weight loss. However if you prefer gyms then here are a few points which you should look at.

Kinds of exercises

The basic difference between a gym and Body Transformation Programs is the mode of exercising. While gyms rely on abs machines, treadmills, cross it machines, elliptical trainers and exercise bikes and basically all heavy duty machines, the Body Transformation Programs believe in a different process.

These types of programs focus far more on elevating the heart rate at around 90-95% of a persons VO2 max to utilize the fat burning effect of the thermal effect.

Studies have shown that this type of training is up to 9 times more effective at burning fat than the usual steady state cardio routines normally performed on a treadmill at your local gym.

5 benefits Of Weight Loss Surgery

When people are obese and all other efforts at weight loss have failed, weight loss surgery may be recommended. While the surgery itself is not without risk, there are many benefits to consider. For these reasons more people are considering this as an option. P.S. If you live in Ohio, this is the guy I recommend – TummyTuckMaster

1. Weight Loss

Weight loss is dramatic and rapid. Because food intake is so restricted and people feel full faster, the majority of patients report rapid loss of weight that stays off.

2. Blood Sugar Is Well Regulated

Blood sugar regulation is especially important for diabetics. Since Type II diabetes is associated with excess weight, many people find that they can regulate their condition with diet alone after weight loss surgery.

3. Hypertension Goes Away

Once the weight has been lost, hypertension ceases to be a problem. This substantially reduces the risk of stroke.

4. Sleep Apnea Episode Reduction

Sleep apnea involves intermittent periods of interrupted breathing during sleep which can be life threatening. Also associated with obesity, the number of incidents during sleep rapidly declines.

5. Lowered Cholesterol

High cholesterol increases the risk of heart attacks. After weight loss surgery and the new diet, patients find that their bad cholesterol levels rapidly decline.

Should You Get Surgery To Lose Weight

Weight loss surgeries are ideal for people with severe obesity. When diet and exercise fail for these kind of people, the next option would be fat-loss surgery. The popularity of weight of surgeries have been growing during the past few years, and it has been a kind of lifesaver for the majority of the 60 million obese people in the USA. But is it suitable for everyone? This article will discuss the pros and cons of this surgery.

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Weight-loss surgery or bariatric weight loss surgery is generally considered safe, but this kind of surgery has its own risks. Losing weight after this kind of surgery is far from being automatic. It would take commitment to lifelong changes in eating patterns and lifestyle in order to keep off the weight permanently. There are a few factors to be considered before a person will be suitable for fat loss surgery. The main criteria is the body mass index of the person. The BMI should be greater than 40, in order for you to become suitable for fat loss surgery. For example, if you are five feet six inches tall and weigh more than 248 pounds, you are eligible for fat loss surgery. Also, you must demonstrate that diet and exercises have not worked for you in the past. If you need a good surgeon, this is one of the best.

The main benefit of weight loss surgery is obviously weight loss. Gastric bypass surgery has been successful in reducing weight up to 61% in people who availed themselves for the surgery. The other method of gastric banding surgery is slightly less effective with a 46% success rate. Some studies have shown that people who underwent the surgery lived longer than other obese people who didn’t avail themselves for the surgery.

Weight loss surgery carries real risks such as wounded infections in the gastrointestinal system, nausea, vomiting, abdominal hernias, bleeding ulcers and leaks in the new surgical cut connections. At least 10% of the people who underwent the surgery have reported the above risks. Like with many other surgeries, weight loss surgeries also have its own pros and cons. It is not for everybody; only severely obese people will be considered for this surgery. Finally, weight loss surgery is not life threatening or dangerous in the true sense of the word.

Weight Gain Often Leads to Stretch Marks

No one likes to gain weight. That’s an undeniable fact. There are many undesirable effects associated with excess pounds, including clothes that don’t fit, loss of endurance, and health consequences.

Of course, you probably already know all that. What you may not know is that gaining weight increases the chances of unsightly stretch marks.

This is because the skin expands to accommodate extra weight within the body. It doesn’t have a choice. As a result, the dermis tears, resulting in the scarring we know as stretch marks. (according to Rafskinna)

Unfortunately, when weight is lost, the skin seldom returns to its prior condition. Sometimes, the stretch marks fade over time, but they may never go away completely. They are likely to stick around for a lifetime.

This is a common occurrence whether weight is gained due to a pregnancy, a slow metabolism, or a poor diet. Stretch marks do not discriminate.

The only way to reduce the chances of getting stretch marks in the first place is to not gain weight. For many people, a healthy weight can be maintained through the right diet and moderate exercise. Those whose weight fluctuates throughout their lifetime will probably experience more stretch marks than others.

Why Everyone Needs To Do Box Jumps

In my honest opinion, box jumps are one of the best exercises you can do, not just to help you jump higher and faster but to also be able to lift more weights.

Let me explain:

When you’re lifting weights, you are training your anaerobic nervous system and your body is made up of both anaerobic and aerobic nervous systems which in lay man terms can be simplified to explosive exercises versus long endurance type exercises.

Box jumps fall into the former category and the reason that they are so great is because by training your anaerobic system, versus your aerobic system , you are building up your explosive power which is great to not only jump higher but to also lift more weights as well (according to this blog post). And in the end, isn’t that all we want?

The best way to train your body for box jumps is to start at least 30 inches with the end goal of working your way up to 60+ inches. Once you can box jump 60+ inches, you will be a god.

Good luck.


Weight Lifting Is Always Important For Any Fitness Regimen

Many people think that they can have a solid fitness regimen without weight lifting. However, this just simply isn’t true. People have a misconception that weight lifting is only for muscle builders that want to bulk up their muscles and pump that heavy iron.

Instead, weight lifting is seen in many different forms and using many different types of machines.

Many of the top fitness trainers in Hollywood weight lift as well. Ryan Gosling is one example (hey girl, does it ring a bell lol?). This site ( has plenty of great insights on working out and weight lifting.

While there are people restricted or unable to do any weight lifting exercises, there are also people restricted from doing certain cardiovascular exercises as well.

Other celebrities include Brad Pitt (from FIght Club), Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper and James Bond (Daniel Craig).

The truth of the matter is that a solid fitness regimen contains both cardiovascular exercise and also strength conditioning or weight lifting. So, it is important that everyone understand that they need to be seeking out how they can include weight lifting in their fitness regimen. Some people get their workout with a home gym machine in which resistance bands are used.

Some people join a gym and do their weight lifting with the individual machines. It’s not like you have to lift so much weight at once. Instead, you can focus on doing repetitions. It’s all part of maximizing your workout and keeping your body and muscles healthy.

Fill With Nutrition Using Great Advice


The majority of peoplesimply can’t eat right, they don’t know what to eat, when to eat, and more imporatntly choosing what healthy foods to eat.

Obviosuly, the best foods to eat are whole natural foods like fruits and vegetables in addition to things like meat and grains while avoiding crappy foods like candy, alcohol and soda.

For example, let’s take a look at pregnant women. This is a critical moment that takes a lot of care and time to make sure you don’t screw up your child. You must make sure that you don’t drink alcohol during this time and you must make sure that you don’t eat too many sweets or the baby could end up with some disorders.

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It is advisable to hold protein bars or concentrated foods ready with your bag while you are out and about. You might have seen that regular meals in airports are tricky to find. Either you’re rushing through security, located on a certain flight as well as when waiting, or sit hungry over a plane without food. Having these protein bars will give you fill in the gaps while you are able to eat a genuine meal.


MMA Training: An Exciting Way To Develop Strength & Fitness

Cardio kickboxing is quickly becoming a very popular workout.  While it’s a fun way to burn calories and increase your cardiovascular fitness, did you know that there is an even more effective way to lose weight and get in shape?

MMA workout

Mixed Martial Arts training is a very efficient way to get fit.  While cardio kickboxing is more like aerobics incorporating kicks and punches, MMA training uses actual strikes against pads or heavy bags.  The resistance develops power that can’t be obtained from punching the air.  MMA workout routines often include grappling which is a full-body workout, working many different angles on your muscles that are difficult to target with weight lifting alone.  Sparring also develops hand-eye coordination, reflexes, timing, and spatial awareness that can never be obtained from kicking or punching the air.

Another benefit of this type of training is that learning MMA techniques is probably one of the most effective forms of self-defense and is a great way to build your self confidence.  It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you can protect yourself and your love ones in most hand-to-hand situations, even if an attack ends up going to the ground.  The primary styles of fighting that are focused on in MMA are wrestling (takedowns and ground control), striking (boxing & muay thai), and submissions (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Catch Wrestling).

Submission grappling is a huge part of Mixed Martial Arts, and it provides a humane way to end a violent conflict without inflicting permanent damage on the other person.  Say a crazy or drunken person is getting out of control.  You can use a lock to hold them in position until the police or paramedics arrive.  Or you can apply one of many different chokes that cut off the blood flow through the carotid arteries rendering your opponent unconscious for just a few seconds without any lasting brain damage.

If you think MMA is just for men, think again.  Female MMA matches have become so popular that they are now regularly featured on most fight cards put out by the UFC (the Ultimate Fighting Championships is the largest MMA promotion in the world).  Most Mixed Martial Arts gyms have regular female students that train along with the guys, and some even offer special female-only classes.

So if you’re having a difficult time finding the motivation to get to the gym or your next Pilates class, maybe it’s time to add some excitement to your fitness routine and start training in Mixed Martial Arts.

Dance Is A Great Way To Lose Weight

weight loss dancingEveryone is always on the hunt for the best workout, but I am too lazy to do all of those repetitions. I need to do something that will keep me interested, which is why I have started to dance my weight off. I have always had a great love of music, so I have found a way to turn that into a way to lose some unwanted fat. The first thing I did was sit down and right out a solid plan. I decided to dance at least one hour per day. That may seem like a lot, but I break it up into increments of 10 minutes.

I tell myself that two to three songs should be danced to each time around. I aim for the faster songs since this will help me burn off more calories.

Can you imagine trying to dance while listening to some crooner singing a ballad? Rap music and speedy pop songs do the trick every time.

I have only been doing this dance regimen for the past two months and I have already lost 26 pounds. The best thing about this is that I didn’t have to change my diet at all. I guess if I did that means I would lose even more weight.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Hire A Personal Trainer?

When you’re finding both the time and the money for a fitness regimen in this busy world, it’s easy to overlook the idea of hiring a personal trainer. However, committed individuals have time and time again realized how a personal trainer can make all the difference in the world in keeping up with a solid diet and fitness regimen.


One reason a personal trainer is needed is to help you go over your individual diet. What you are eating and when you are eating it is very important. They can impart so much knowledge to you about your diet.

Another reason a personal trainer is a necessity is because they help you maximize your workout and find new things to add to your routine. They also keep you motivated and working towards your goals.

Not only do they do all of those things, but they also keep you safe. With all of those different exercises, how do you know if you’re using the wrong form with some of them? A personal trainer can help you with that, and they can also provide that social camaraderie when your friends cannot work out with you.